Liz sucks at finding her phone

I tried, but broke the phone. The place where you charge the phone and the place where you are suppose to get the battery out, were on top of each other. I tried to get the battery out with a tool but because they were on top each other, I broke the place to charge the phone. Probably because it was a crap piece of work, his was not a LifeLine Government Phone. He told me about this web page and that I could find out how to get a new Lifeline Service…and yes you have given me the answers to my questions…Thank You. Assurance Wireless has been a good company except for the customer service…with the acception of the man who had a professional and correct information, he was the only one in customer service who helped me.

So, anyway, what do you expect for free???

Appreciate the free phone service. Work with the people who serve you or call later to see if someone else is on duty who will have correct info. Be patient, be happy, and grateful to have a free phone. I think it would be better to save your money and get a good smartphone that will work with the company you want to serve you.

And the number 1 way to turn it around

How would I word that so I get a phone that works with my server? Something like an open or closed line??? Far be it from us to be self-centered, Cleone, but the most important thing we got out of your comment is that Assurance customer service is recommending our website to its customers. I had use qlink wireless. Is there a limit to the amount of phones I can get or can I just keep transferring every 60 days to get a new one? We know of no reason you cannot switch every 60 days as long as your plan does not include data.

Thank you so much!! I literally just got off phone with Qlink! I was told NO cancellation allowed until 1 yr of service!!

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I still asked for cancellation was told they could not and would not do that! The phone sucked the service did as well. Thank you for the answers to my problems. Outrageous, Jacki. The company is required by law to cancel your account upon your request. Have you asked Sprint?

They probably switched to a company that uses the Sprint network. Also my Freedompop phone uses the Sprint network. A street tent agent helped me enroll therefore I do not know the enrollment ID at all. Any help is very appreciated. Sincerely, Yen Tran. No one lives in my home that has a Lifeline phone or a Q Link I want a Q Link telephone I have filled out the application with qlink and I want it transferred over to qlink it says someone in my home has a Lifeline phone. This is an independent informational website that has ZERO affiliation with any of the free government cell phone companies.

I absolutely hate Safelink. If you have no choice but to use one of these lifeline companies go with anyone other than Safelink. The entire process just to get to talk to an agent was terrible. As you might expect, some companies do everything they can to keep customers:. Thanks but it was the company I was trying to switch to Safelink that I had the hard time with. No matter which company you want to switch to or which company you want to switch from, the process is the same and can be found in that article. The information is not accurate.

After reading those information, I called the new company which Access Wireless to transfer my benefit to them from Assurance Wireless.

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They can not do it. They told me to apply as a new customer even though I have been with Assurance Wireless for over 5 years. They told me to CANCEL Assurance Wireless first then apply to Access, and I would have about 2 or 3 months without phone service, and my phone number can not be hold until new application with Access Wireless is approved.

Was anyone here was successful doing that transfer from Assurance Wireless to Access Wireless? The information quoted in the article comes directly from the website of the USAC, the organization that governs the Lifeline free government cell phone program.

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I have just been approved by enTouch Wireless for lifeline; however, I have to wait 60 days to switch to Tag Mobile lifeline. Unfortunately, I have to wait 60 days now. This sucks! Unfortunately, Luc, those 60 day port freezes are standard in the industry. My name is Yen Tran, I am wondering how to switch to another phone company when the day period comes to an end.

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I was wondering if there is any way for me to switch local area code with my current service? The phone i had is from a long distance area code.

go here Why change, Seth? Speaking from personal experience, my cell phone number has had the same number in Southern California, Central California, and now Texas. Why do you nee a local area code? Oh well, I could not make any few phone call in my local area with a long distance cell phone number. I tried calling number with my cell phone. You should be able to get a new phone number, but we cannot guarantee that. Only customer service can confirm the answer. Hi, my ex wife received a lifeline phone through Qlink. The service is Sprint and their service is not good at all in our area. My ex is legally blind so having to go outside to make or receive calls is not a option.

I read in Qlinks Terms that if you have mb data their is a 60 day port freeze. She just wanted to be prepared with the facts instead of going in blind on new laws vs old laws. As we understand the regulations, you are stuck with your current provider for 12 months if you have ANY data service.

I was with cintex which went backrupt and standup bought their customers. I am in MD. I was not told about being transferred to standup. Now I want to cancel and go with Assurance but I cannot. I cancelled standup but assurance says the system says I am still a standup customer. Why do they[USAC] answer the phone then?

She says her system shows I am stuck with standup until march If I am allowed to leave after 60days it has been 60days. You can switch after 60 days if you have talk and text-only. If your plan also includes data, you can only switch after one year.

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In Oklahoma my provider said I have to wait 30 days before I get another provider or start new servive. Customers that are with a lifeline company think that by cancelling their account they can easily transfer to another provider. This is not longer the case, at least not that simple. To cancel with their current provider will do absolutely nothing except leave them without phone until the 1 year period is up.

Nothing you nor we can do about that, Donna. Those are the Federal Communications Commission rules imposed on the free government cell phone service providers. Wish we had a better answer for you. Everyone take note: qlink is the worst company. When you sign up you get minutes. A few months later they drop you down to minutes, while the account page on their site says minutes plan. Yes, I really need to change my lifeline company.

Please help.