Texas and common law marriage

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He claims that after her health worsened, several parties conspired to push him out of her life and take advantage of her when she was in a weakened state to have him effectively removed from her estate plans. The couple also needs to live with each other on a continuous basis cohabitation and present themselves as married to other people. However, without a marriage license and without sufficient proof of common-law marriage, individuals involved in a common-law marriage might need to deal with estate litigation.

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Other parties, particularly children from previous marriages, might battle the right of a common-law spouse to inherit from the estate. To reduce the chances of estate litigation, be sure to contact an experienced estate attorney.

How do I prove that we agreed to be married and represented to others that we were married? Can same-sex couples be married at common law? Download PDF version of Article Back to top.

Divorce — Under Texas law, all property acquired during a marriage formal or common law is community property. If a common law marriage is proved, community property is divided the same as if the parties were formally married. Debts accumulated during a common law marriage are also divided between the spouses.


Estate litigation and common-law marriage: A recent case in Texas

If no common law marriage is proved, there is no marital property or debts to divide. As single people, the parties will keep their personal property and property titled to them, and will remain individually responsible for their debts. Proving a common law marriage can affect whether partners who end their relationship can split property and liabilities between them. Inheritance — If married formally or at common law, a spouse is entitled to inherit from the other spouse if the other spouse decedent died without a will died intestate.

There is one difference, however. The couple must prove to the court that they were in a common law marriage.

Everything You Should Know about Common Law Marriages in Texas

The person who initiates the divorce proceedings typically has to prove the existence of the marriage. If you have further questions about common law marriage, or want to know whether you were actually in a common law marriage with your spouse, sit down for a discussion with family law attorney Daniella Lyttle of the Lyttle Law Firm. Call our offices today at , or use our contact form to schedule a consultation.

Learn about common law marriages and find out what states recognize them.

Contact Us Now: Call Now for a Consultation Family Law. Common Law Marriage. This means that you and your spouse must be: At least 18 years of age even if their parents gave them permission ; Not related to each other; Not married to anyone else; Question 3 : How does the court prove the existence of a common law marriage? Question 6: How does a couple represent themselves as married to others? Question 7: How does a Texas court end a common law marriage?