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We are working to complete the import of all land records that have been imaged dating back to There are a total of just over 7 million images to be imported. To date, we have imported all images into the system.

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These images are available by clicking the Special Index button on the bottom of the public search software in our record room. These records include deeds showing property ownership, mortgages, certain liens and homestead exemptions.

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At a Court held the 3d of January Whereas at the Last Court an order was past that the Sheriff should Sommons an able Jury of Women to Serch Grace Sherwood on Suspicion of witchcraft, which although the Same was performed by the Sheriff yet they refused And did not appear, it is therefore ordered that the Same persons be againe Sommoned by the — page — Sheriff for their Contempt To be Dealt with according to the uttmost Severity of the Law, and that a new Jury of Women be by him Sommoned To appear next Court to Serch her on the aforesaid Suspicion, and that he likewise Sommon all evidences that he Shall Be informed of as materiall in the Complaint, and that She continue in the Sheriff Costody unless She give good bond And Security for her Appearance at the next Court, and that She be of the Good behaviour towards her Majestie and all her Leidge people in the mean time.

Whereas Grace Sherwood being Suspected of witchcraft have a long time waited for a Fit uppertunity For a Further Examinacion, and by her Consent and Approbacion of this Court, it is ordered that the Sheriff take all Such Convenient assistance of boats and men as Shall be by him thought Fitt, to meet at Jonathan Harpers plantacion in order to take the Sd Grace forthwith and put her into the above mans Debth and try her how — page — She Swims Therein, alwayes having Care of her life to preserve her from Drowning, and as Soon as She Comes Out that he request as many Ansient and Knowing women as possible he Cann to Serch her Carefully For all teats spots and marks about her body not usuall on Others, and that as they Find the Same to make report on Oath To the truth thereof to the Court, and further it is ordered that Som women be requested to Shift and Serch her before She goe into the water, that She Carry nothing about her to cause any Further Suspicion.

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