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This information is immediately made available to the public via the Internet at address NC Sex Offenderand Public ProtectionRegistry or by submitting a written request to the appropriate county sheriff for a county wide registry. More questions?

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If the person is a current resident of North Carolina, the person shall register: Within 3 days of release from a penal institution or arrival in a county to live outside a penal institution on or after January 1, ; or Immediately upon conviction for a reportable offense where an active term of imprisonment was not imposed on or after January 1, Common Sex Offender related questions: Can a sex offender be around children? Supreme Court ruling that juveniles convicted of certain sex crimes must be registered for life on the state's sex offender registry is drawing outcry from attorneys and researchers.

The opinion, issued Wednesday, upheld a family court ruling on an April incident in Spartanburg County in which a year-old sexually assaulted a 5-year-old.

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The teen was found delinquent for committing first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Under state law, anyone, regardless of age, who is convicted of or found delinquent under that charge, is required to register as a sex offender and wear an electronic monitor, both for life. Juveniles are treated the same as adults under the law.

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Prosecutors applauded the ruling, saying that some young offenders are beyond rehabilitation and need to be monitored, but other attorneys and researchers say the lifetime registry makes rehabilitation difficult if not impossible. Brandt Rucker, the attorney for the juvenile identified in court documents as Justin B. When you place them on these lists, no matter how hard they try, they can never rehabilitate. We are simply asking for a system where judges have a say. The attorney said he is not criticizing the court, but he thinks officials have to consider whether juveniles like his client pose a future risk to the community.

As for Justin B. Ninth Circuit Public Defender Ashley Pennington said it is clear from the court's decision that there are major issues with the registration requirement. While the state's highest court left the question of reforming those laws to the Legislature, Pennington said research since the law was passed in shows juvenile offenders who receive appropriate treatment aren't likely to reoffend.

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Public safety would be better served by providing such treatment, "tailored supervision," and periodically reviewing the costs and benefits of electronic tracking and registration, he said. Ohio, Rhode Island and other states are now considering changing their law. Prosecutors say they can't ignore what was done to the victim and that they have to think about public safety for years to come. Seventh Circuit Solicitor Barry Barnette, whose office prosecuted the case in family court, said having lifetime registry as an option is necessary because some juveniles are beyond rehabilitation.

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