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People eating with their mouths open, or clanking their bowls, or just talking. One time at work, the number of different sounds that were gong on while I was trying my hardest to work became overwhelming. I felt enraged and I stood up, wanting to hurl my keyboard across the room.

It suddenly occurred to me that all these noises were affecting only me, no one else. I sat back down, stunned.

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Just throwing it out there. I have a touch of misphonia myself. Thank you to bring this up! Yes I almost always overreact in noisy places… it seems like my brain shut down…and it takes a few seconds to reset…but when working in McDonalds, having a shut down on my way for fries caused a few massive cashier traffic incidents… and in my internship to work in a daycare…shutting down because kids are going loud is really not good!

There are certain sounds that make me feel like I want to tear my ears off to avoid hearing them! A single person eating in a quiet room makes me so agitated I have to get up and leave. I feel conflicted about this article.. Hi- I totally agree. Indeed, ADHD is a blanket term; like many other diagnoses dyslexia, autism , it describes a wide spectrum of conditions.

Perhaps it needs to made clear that no one has all of these traits or issues. I relate to this so much.

As in, relate to the opposites of this list. Especially that last point; while reading the list I reached number 11 or something then I skipped forward then I went back to the first ones, then I came back to the end, and then to where I broke of from roughly. All except the curious one, and the childhood one. Nearly everything else. I usually finished days or weeks ahead of time because of hyperfocus. I can also tell you every one of my bank account numbers, the running balance in all of them, all of my credit card numbers, the page I stopped reading in each of the five books I have active at this time, all 98 of my passwords I have separate ones for every single website I belong to, run, etc.

How can I do this? I have a near-eidetic memory. I have a running map in my head, never lose my sense of direction. If you want to know who has a similar ability, look up Temple Grandin. The last two items should tell you something. Not all of us do; some of us are pretty bright. Being intelligent does not preclude ADHD, although it can hide some of the symptoms. No one else at the office wants my job or can do it — my assignment is to handle everything that is a priority, rush, VIP, and the boss wants an answer now. I constantly change tasks every 5 or 10 minutes throughout the day.

As I leave I ponder if I should stop for coffee! My desk top is never visible-then I get frustrated, throw everything into a big pile and start over 5. Always talk to myself 6. Coffee, coffee, coffee and more coffee. I think my dad might,though. I can barely make it through the school day. Coffee is fantastic. I love it.

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It makes me fell a little better. I actually tested NOT ADHD, but women tend to present differently from men, and my doctor was willing to try medication anyway, and it helped tremendously. One good litmus test is your reaction to stimulants, i. When I drink coffee and this applies to my 12 year old, too, who does have a diagnosis I can feel the calmness and focus sinking over my body. It calms me, and my mind becomes sharper. I generally have fifteen tabs open in my browser I flipped through four of them posting this comment, because I kept getting distracted.

The stimulant thing is not true for all ADHDers, so using that as a test can create false negatives: stimulants might not calm you, even if you have ADHD. People need to remember that regardless of what diagnosis you have received, it is on a spectrum. I was never diagnosed dyslexic but I do have some of the symptoms like at 27 telling the time on an analog clock is still almost impossible. My point in all of this is, we are all different and that still holds true for when your brain is involved but you will feel much better if you seek a professional opinion.

I am punctual most times of course excluding the times I forget about the meeting and only remember hours late or even days after. I mean if the efforts I made to remember the event were successful; I usually show up on time. The trick I use is; I add two hours before the meeting time, and that is when I start dressing up and getting ready for that 1 hour meeting.

And by dressing up I mean putting on clothes and leaving the house. The down side of this is that many times I would show up minutes early. But I know it is either this or 30 mins late.

Tips to Help Adults With ADD/ADHD Stay Focused at Work

I bring a book. Or I call one of the kids. My own kids, not just anyones kids. I can honestly say this disorder disables me in everyday life Hell, I dropped out of school at 16 because I was going to fail out due to not being able to pay attention. Studying did absolutely nothing for me. There are times when I actually HOPE for something crazy to happen just so I can get that near-euphoric high off of it.

Like Danodea said, I actually also have an eidetic memory. Anyone can have the symptoms. For years I have thought that there was either something wrong with me, or that I was special. I have been battling crippling self doubt, whilst often outwardly displaying confidence that belied my inner turmoil. I could not understand how a man with above average intelligence, seemed to be consistently spinning wheels on the world to nowhere. Until today. I will get officially diagnosed, but as poster said below, this is both liberating and frightening.

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For so many years I have been fighting this internal battle and now I know what it is. I feel SO much better that I have found this resource, amongst others.

Your list made me laugh my ass off, and I probably disrupted a few people. The paragraph at the end made me cry a little. Jess you scored very high so far for ADHD.

Ok what can I do to help my self? Take these tablets. Ok is there any groups or anyone I can talk too, that can give me coping strategies? Why are you crying? Six months later, New job again, New house again, and still waiting for next appointment. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.