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Interstate police have similar databases of criminal histories.

Victoria Police can check these records. If you are found guilty of an offence, the police prosecutor can use information from the LEAP database to tell the court about your history. The magistrate will also see your VicRoads criminal driving record. All of your prior convictions will be listed for the court to see, no matter how long ago the offence happened. Your age at the time of the offence, and how long ago it happened can be taken into account by the Magistrate in determining how relevant it is to the current matter before the court. The magistrate will use these records when they are deciding what penalty to give you.

Some driving infringements fines are recorded in your criminal record if you were convicted for the offence. These are called infringement convictions. Infringement convictions include drink or drug driving and driving at excessive speed.

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These do not show up in the list of prior convictions that police use in court unless you are convicted of a similar driving offence. Sometimes Victoria Police can let other people or organisations know what is in your criminal record, but only if you agree. For example, an employer or an embassy may want to know what is in your criminal record. An increasing number of employers want to do criminal records checks on potential employees before they will consider employing the person. A potential employer may want to know if you have:. A criminal records check will only give this information if the court case has finished.

However the check may also show matters that the police are still investigating or the court has not yet heard. The employer may use information from your criminal record to judge your character and your suitability for doing the job or representing the organisation. There are no laws that can stop an employer from asking you for this information. You can refuse to let the employer do the check but then this would probably mean that you do not get interviewed or considered for the job. When they reply — which can take up to 24 hours — you can then respond simply by replying to their email.

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You should make your initial request very short and very simple. Uber customer service reps are so swamped with emails, with each rep answering hundreds a day. Simply restate your original question.

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You may have to go through this process two or three times before somebody gives you a real answer. There are two significant parts to that statement. A person could have committed crimes and never gotten caught or perhaps gotten caught but was never convicted. In those cases, even the most thorough background checks will not pick anything up. You might have a person who has never been caught or convicted of a crime in the past but who is now actively considering committing a crime. The FCRA does not allow employers to look at arrest records older than seven years.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC has guidelines which state that employers should not go farther back than the standards of business warrant. This has pushed companies how far in the past they check in order to stay out of trouble with various governmental entities. It has become an accepted standard for most companies, including Uber, to put into place a seven-year limit.

Companies like Checkr end up checking places the applicant has informed them that they have lived. In response to a rash of sexual assaults committed by Californian Uber drivers, California enacted a new law that took effect on January 1, , that specifically exempts rideshare companies from the seven-year background check limit.

Background checks are one of the most important methods Uber uses to ensure rider safety. However, there is only so much this process can do.

What we know (and don't know) about Uber background checks

And no background check can predict the future behavior of first-time criminals. Background checks are heavily regulated, and there is only so much a firm or agency is allowed to see. As a potential driver, if your background check is taking too long, contact Checkr, the company that Uber uses to carry out their background checks, and Uber. But what in life is?

At least one-year U. They also have a strict criterion where no one with a major moving violation within the last seven years will be accepted.

What Personal Information Can You Find in a Background Check?

Uber itself does not actually perform the background checks. They contract this out to a third-party background check provider that is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. The fact that they contract out the work of background screenings makes it difficult for anyone to win a lawsuit against them by claiming they were negligent in performing background screenings.