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A clue lies in one of the reasons he was attracted to women like Priscilla in the first place. They met in when Elvis was doing military service in Germany where Priscilla's stepfather, a U. Army captain, was also stationed. Although she was then a year-old schoolgirl, she seemed to Elvis to be the perfect partner — and not just because of her youth, beauty and virginity. Still grieving the death of his mother Gladys the previous year, he needed someone to talk to.

And in Priscilla he found a good listener who, in some undefined way, reminded him of how his mother had been when he'd been a little boy. And that had deepened when the Presleys moved out of Audubon Drive and into Graceland, his mansion just outside Memphis, in Although they had staff, Gladys always liked to cook for her son, and Elvis treasured his memories of the two of them sitting and chatting in the little dining room off the kitchen.

The topic was often his new-found fame.

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He was the first rock superstar and nobody but him could know the burden of being Elvis: of being the centre of everything the whole time, and of having people taking his photograph or shouting and waving at him whenever he went out. So great were the pressures that after a church service that Easter, he'd told the pastor: 'I've got more money than I can ever spend, I have thousands of fans out there, and I have a lot of people who call themselves my friends.

But I'm the most miserable young man you've ever seen. His mother couldn't begin to understand those pressures but he could talk to her better than to anyone else. And he would be grateful ever after that they'd had those moments together at Graceland.

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She died from cirrhosis of the liver and a heart attack the following August. Off stage and in public he had, until that point, always maintained complete dignity. But when he saw her lying in her casket at Graceland, he lost control of his emotions completely, hysterically hugging and touching her until the funeral director had to put a glass cover over her body. Sumner, one of the gospel singers at the funeral. After her death, Elvis insisted that all of Gladys's possessions should be carefully packed in boxes and stored in the attic at Graceland.

He kept everything. His mother ghosted through his life. She always would, and her qualities came to mind whenever he thought about the kind of woman he'd like to marry. She'd asked for nothing for herself and her pleasures had been those of a poor, country-born Mississippi wife and mother who was always there for her husband and son. In Priscilla he had discovered someone who might be a similarly unquestioning consort.

As he would tell his friends, she was young enough to be shaped by him. In time she would come to baby him, doing everything for him, sometimes even cutting up his meat. Her role was to wait on him and wait for him, just as his mother had. But being at home in Memphis all the time, exactly where he wanted her to be, somehow made her less exciting than the girls who flirted and teased with him out there in Hollywood.

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Within a few months of moving his new girlfriend into Graceland in March , he was cheating on her with Swedish-born redhead Ann-Margret, his co-star in the movie Viva Las Vegas, which they began filming that July. They'd ride off together on Harley-Davidson motorbikes, not telling anyone where they were going and leaving Elvis's gang astonished. He'd never behaved like this before with any other woman. But he hadn't met anyone like Ann-Margret before. She was more than a girlfriend. She was a pal, and he treated her as an equal.

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He'd never experienced that before, either, but by that Christmas the fling had reached its inevitable conclusion. Although he had wondered whether he might be in love with her, she was never going to be the kind of old-fashioned woman he needed, happy to sit at home, ready to welcome him on his return. He already had one of those in Priscilla — who had confronted him about the affair after reading about it in the gossip columns, only for him to turn the tables on her with an ultimatum.

Are you going to be her, or not? For several years, Priscilla was that woman, growing increasingly unhappy when he appeared to lose all interest in having sex with her after the birth of their daughter Lisa-Marie in He'd once told her he could never make love to a woman who'd had a baby and she wondered whether that was the problem.

She would never know for sure because he didn't want to discuss it further. All she did know was that shortly after his nightly sleeping pill had kicked in, he would be lying practically comatose next to her.

Lisa Marie Presley Scores Victory in $ Million Battle Over Elvis Money

By the pretence of a marriage was over and they were spending most of their time apart. Elvis, however, was still staggered when she told him that she was having an affair with karate instructor Mike Stone. In response, Janet Jackson and other family members, including nephew Taj Jackson, have been vocal in supporting Michael over the serious allegations. Was it the drugs and the sort of vampires, or me?

And he pushed me away. It was thought they became pals in and friends later alleged that during a string of child molestation accusations agains the singer became public, Michael depended on Lisa for emotional support. I wanted to save him. Randy Taraborrelli. As accusations of child abuse against Jackson became public, he became dependent on Lisa for emotional support. She later explained: "I believed he didn't do anything wrong, and that he was wrongly accused and, yes, I started falling for him. I wanted to save him. I felt that I could do it. In January , citing irreconcilable differences, Lisa Marie filed for divorce.

Jackson had originally planned to file for divorce first. However, after she begged him not to file, he reportedly caved in, only to discover on the front page of newspapers the next day that she had filed for divorce.

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Speaking to Oprah Winfrey in October , Lisa Marie revealed that she and Jackson had spent four years on and off following their divorce. She had a 'quickie' divorce in the Dominican Republic in Presley's third marriage was to actor Nicolas Cage. They were married in in Hawaii, with Cage having proposed just ten days earlier.

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Cage filed for divorce after days, and the divorce was finalised in May The divorce proceeding actually lasted longer than the marriage. She married for a fourth time in January , to guitarist Michael Lockwood. Her first husband Keough served as best man at the couple's wedding, held in Japan.