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Alike most other websites, we also use cookies by Google Analytics to track what contents are the most visited, who visits us, what they look for, and other usability and marketing statistics. If you continue browsing this website, you agree to these cookies gathering information from your browser. Some Sworn Translations need to be authenticated by an Hague Apostille.

Learn where to obtain an Apostille in France. The Hague Apostille is the abbreviated legalisation process used for all the countries signatories of the Hague Convention, including France, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States. It certifies that the signatory of your document, is a legitimate authority in your country.

It is a large seal bearing the EU flag. The Apostille must also be translated. The Hague Convention only identifies the signatures of the more relevant people and bodies of each country: Colleges of Notaries, Superior Court of Justice, Ministries, etc. But some documents bear signature of "lower" bodies, which will compel you to legalise authenticate it before the superior body. In these cases you will have to request local authorities to legalise the signature prior to any other procedure. If they haven't mentioned it, then you probably don't need it even better! Ask the organism which is requesting the Sworn Translation, as this matter is quite discretionary and not at all predictable.

State issued documents may be authenticated by the competent authority in the state where the document was executed.

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For federal documents signed and sealed by a federal agency or federal court, contact the U. Department of State Authentications Office. Offices in 5 European countries: - Spain Barcelone. Online payment. Experts in Official Sworn Translations Sworn Translations have a special status: they are truthful translations, authenticated by the signature, the stamp and the statement of an Official Sworn Translator.

That's why our prices are so competitive and we provide such fast turnarounds! How long does a Sworn Translation into French take? Request a quote for a Sworn Translation. French definition for "Sworn Translation". Legalization, Translation and Apostille. How does a French Sworn Translation look like? Certified Sworn Translations in France. Which documents need a Sworn Translation? Articles of incorporation Company by-laws Powers of attorney Annual Accounts.

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Summons Procedural lawsuits Bailiff's notifications Affidavits Court rulings. Do you really need a "Sworn" translation into French? French institutions only accept French. Let us make your arrival to France much easier. Baccalaureate diploma. Grades certificate. Birth certificate. Family record book. Deed of Incorporation. Power of attorney. Court Notification. Annual Accounts.

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Need a Certified Translation into French? USA Tel. Advice on Sworn Translations into French Ask us about any query or doubt you have regarding your translation project info ibidemgroup. What is the Hague Apostille? What is a signature legalisation? Do I need to get an Hague Apostille? Where to get the Hague Apostille. Our New Jersey based office is open for walk-in clients by appointments and we accept clients from all locations such as NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Philly, Miami and even those in different countries by submitting to us the documents electronically: website, email, text message, messenger or fax.

Translate Now. When it comes to quality, human translators still offer the unparallel level of quality and expert domain knowledge.

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Machine translators such as Google Translate cannot handle complex topics on legal terminology nor medical terms. In addition, free machine translators do not guarantee confidentiality of your documents. They memorize your private contents and re-use them for other translations thus exacerbating the risk of personal data breach. To avoid these pitfalls, we never employ machine translators regardless how tempting it is! We understand that humans offer more personable and professional translation experience and we do not sacrifice quality or risk our clients' personal data to 3rd party machine translation providers!

With Translation Services USA, you have the peace of mind and professional non-disclosure policy applied to every project by default. In addition, all our human translators undergo full screening, reference checks, and work under our own NDA. We cherish our customers business and would never disclose data to anyone other than parties directly involved into your project. That's why we maintain long term business relationships with lots of business clients that go as far back as !

As a leading translation agency in North America, we developed our own set of rules and standards that we adhere to in order to maintain stellar quality and predictable user experience with every client that works with us. This includes: full integration of all incoming inquiries into our own CRM system. We process all incoming phone calls, online chat messages and email inquiries into our CRM and assign a unique client ID number which is used later in all subsequent interactions. No exceptions. No dropped balls!

In addition to CRM, we employ our own translator screening system to separate low quality, lazy translators from good ones. We require all our translators to sign our agency Non-Disclosure Agreement. That's in addition to whichever NDA your firm may require.

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This ensures the contents of your documents won't be disclosed to unwanted parties and only people directly involved into the translation process will be affected. Lastly, we verify translated documents with another set of human proofreaders in order to ensure the quality is not compromised. Sometimes even the professional linguists try to cheat and use machine translations.

That was the year we implemented that business process! Needless to say that we also employ in-house desktop publishing specialists capable of editing your complex graphics and formatting as translations may spoil the fonts or the size of the contents. Our associates will fix any inconsistencies in formatting so you will receive as close to the original translated copy as possible regardless what language s it is: English, Chinese, Japanese or Canadian French. Our translation company specializing in most languages that are being used for global trade: English, Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese , Japanese, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, German and many others.

In addition, our extensive network of translators includes specialists in rare languages such as Navajo, Khmer, Latin, Aramaic, Old Norse, Karen and Tibetan.

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Our list of supporting languages is growing and currently consists of over languages! Get Price Estimate. Profession of human translator is in high demand and is positioned to stay competitive in the long run. The companies who seek to expand globally and stay competitive on the homeland turf are employing professional translation firms like TSU to ensure their corporate message is taken correctly and without any surprises. No, you can't translate every piece of document with human linguists only. It is expensive, let's face it. But the most significant parts such as medical records, employee handbooks, legal agreements and patents should be outsourced to professionals and handled as such.

Would you rather entrust the surgery on your heart to an experienced human surgeon or a cheap machine tool? In case you just started researching, the language translations is a long established industry and it encompasses the full range of linguistic services from document translations for written materials, to verbal interpreting for oral conversations. It is powered by professional human linguists on the high end segment where quality and precision is critical, and machine translations where quality is not a concern. No one does a better job than a human translator. The social media tries to raise machines to the next level of quality and accessibility, but the reality shows that neither medical industry nor legal industry can take chances of low results which are not guaranteed by employing machine translators. Humans are the individuals who completely transform the meanings of your documents from one language to another and ensure that individuals who read your translations in Spanish, French, German, Japanese or Chinese languages will not be laughing.

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