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Yeah, it's not supposed to be a flagship, but the owner probably has one, and switching to the Palm is a noticeable step down in terms of performance.

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Everything — from apps to network connections to general responsiveness — slows down. Something else that falls way short of a typical "bigger" phone: battery life. To be fair, the Palm isn't designed to be used like a regular smartphone: When you take this device along with you on your camping trip, you're probably expecting to use it two or three times just to check messages or something. But even so. Unless I more or less completely left the Palm alone during the course of a day, it would sputter out well before the end of that day.

This was at 8 a. It's pretty clear the battery on this thing is simply too small, since background refreshes or notifications aren't sucking extra juice.

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While the phone is more than capable of using those features, by default the Palm puts you in "Life" mode, which basically shuts all that down until you explicitly engage with the device by turning it on and unlocking it. That's pretty smart, actually, and I'd love it if more Android phones go in this direction, encouraging you to turn off notifications or limit them to just a few essential apps. It's a way to put your digital life back on your terms.

The Palm, by its nature, encourages you to not just limit notifications, but also the apps themselves. When you first set it up, it recommends you set it up as a "clean" device, so you won't be tempted to install every app you have on your main phone. While this sounds good in theory, in practice it's misguided. Not everything, but more than you'd think. One of the reasons we can never ditch smartphones altogether is they're not just communications devices — they're everyone's camera as well.

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Palm acknowledges this by giving its phone a camera that's actually decent: It captures megapixel images same resolution as the iPhone XS , has an LED flash, and it can record p video at 30fps. On paper, that's just fine. And in practice it was, too. Outdoor shots looked sharp and colorful, and indoor ones were OK, too.

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The 8MP selfie cam is OK, and defaults to a relatively wide field of view. Like I said, fine. But once lighting gets even a little dim, pictures taken by the Palm start to lose a lot of detail. Shots of food I took at a holiday party at dusk looked positively smeared, and pics of Christmas lights in the dark outside were basically unusable. Here's where I really missed the imaging prowess of a flagship phone; images taken by the Google Pixel 3 XL, by comparison, were in another class entirely.

The camera underscores the issue with the Palm phone: The needle it's trying to thread is impossibly small.

The Best Apps for Thyroid Patients

Sure, there are times when we want to disconnect from it all, and having less-capable hardware is one way to encourage that disconnection. It's a workable, even enjoyable solution — right up until you run into one of the phone's limitations at a key moment.

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For me, that happened mostly with the camera. Generally, the number of situations where it's the best — or, more correctly, the preferred — device turned out to be fewer than I thought. And I say this as a person who recognizes the need to be less immersed in the digital world and live more in the moment. I don't bring my laptop to meetings if I can help it.

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I have set times every day and on the weekends where I consciously put my phone in its charger or on a counter and leave it there. It's also been banned from my bedroom. ThyroidTracker Apple store.

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Stress can make a health challenge like chronic thyroid disease even more difficult. One effective stress-management approach is meditation. There are dozens of meditation apps on the market, but the most popular is the free Insight Timer app. Insight Timer links to thousands of different free guided meditations from famed meditation teachers, as well as timers for self-guided meditation sessions.

Note from Mary: this is one of my favorite apps! Keeping track of what you eat, the calorie intake, and how many calories you burn with exercise is an essential basis for weight loss or maintenance. My Fitness Pal is a popular free app that includes a food diary and a searchable database of more than 1 million foods. My Fitness Pal. If you have trouble remembering when to take your thyroid medications, the MangoHealth app is a lifesaver.

The app gives you reminders when you need to take your medications and supplements. You can also track the dosages of the specific medications. The GoodRx app provides up-to-date access to the lowest prices on prescription drugs at more than 75, pharmacies across the United States. Personal We customize a weight loss plan that fits your life. Start Losing It! All the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goal, all in the palm of your hand. Set your goals. Your goal weight. Total Wellness. All together now. Track yourself. Calorie counting made simple. Share your favorites. Take a pic, Snap It tracks it for you! A world of apps and devices.

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A little help from your friends. Accountability 2. Privacy on your terms. Challenge yourself. Click here to see a complete feature list Lose It!

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