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Early GPS receivers took If you turned a GPS receiver off for a few weeks or moved it more than a few hundred miles, a cold start might be required again. GPS satellites broadcast precise time signals using a built-in atomic clock along with their current location. They also broadcast the location of all other satellites in the sky, called the almanac.

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Every 30 seconds, a GPS satellite broadcasts a time stamp, its current location and some less precise location information for other GPS satellites. It takes 25 of these broadcasts thus, This information has to be decoded for a receiver to then properly interpret signals from the satellites that are within range. If you know the position of four satellites and the time at which each sent their position information, you—or, rather, your GPS receiver—can calculate to within 10 meters the latitude, longitude, and elevation of your current location along with the exact current time.

With three satellites, you lose elevation, but a device can still track movement fairly accurately. Standalone GPS receivers can lock in simultaneously on multiple satellites, and track more than four. Other techniques can improve accuracy, too. Instead of relying on live downloads of position data from satellites, future locations can be estimated accurately enough to figure out rough satellite positions, and get a fix at which point even more up-to-date information is retrieved.

These estimates can be downloaded via a network connection in seconds or even calculated right on a device. The current time can also be used as a clue. With a precise current time, fragmentary satellite data can be decoded to gain a faster lock or figure out the appropriate information to use.

You can see your iOS device get a location fix when you open Maps.

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Cellular carriers have extremely precise GPS measurements of the locations of all their towers. With a database of such towers, you can take measurements of the signal strength of those within range—which may be dozens—and trilaterate to find an area that overlaps among them.

Trilateration involves overlapping regions to find an intersecting area; triangulation uses the measurement of angles to find a center point. Apple, Google, and others turn to Wi-Fi positioning for that. Wi-Fi positioning, originated by Skyhook Wireless , originally required specially equipped trucks with Wi-Fi antennas and highly sensitive GPS receivers that drove around cities to capture network identifiers the unique hardware address broadcast by Wi-Fi base stations and relative signal strengths at billions of points.


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CDMA GPS Mini Tracker with Cellular Assist

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