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Might as well get upset about water running down hill.

Be safe little brother. You surely got a chance to Sit up last night. Now come on back, do up the time and use it to move on from whats got you here. Just a headache to be survived. Better to be on the other side of it sooner than later.

I hope he gets help. My cousin did not,sadly he died from a overdose. I tried to help,but as everyone knows only you,can make yourself free. Besides if we had decent job training, affordable housing, transportation and universal health care there would like to be an epidemic of opioid addiction; physical pain is moderated by endorphins but social and psychological pain, not so much.

He looks sad. Lots of suicide in his community. Oh dear Memy, out of all of the comments yours has pulled at my heart strings the most, and made me so sad as well. I live in Ferndale, on 5th. As I had just pulled up in my driveway.

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And how many times have they been here before working, cleaning up the Fairgrounds, the horse pens and stalls, and you never even knew it!? But I also really want him to get the help he needs so badly. And unless he is running towards a rehab facility, he sadly will not get treatment while incarcerated if he is found.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Oh Jordan!!!! Dan Fuller December 1, am. J Dubbs December 2, pm. Pinch of Salt River December 1, pm. Seems like they got him cornered by the elementary school. Bluff hunt! Thieves Suck December 1, pm. They are chasing him around all over the woods. Waste of resources! J Dubbs December 1, pm. How is it a waste?

They have to catch him before he goes to far.

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SunnybankRoar December 1, pm. Just boring old Ferndale. A Dear Friend December 1, pm. Kym Kemp December 1, pm. I love the kind words you shared. Thank you. Lost Croat Outburst December 1, pm. Freedom Club December 1, pm. Freedom Club December 2, pm. Guest December 2, pm.


That kind of ignores the addict part. Angel December 1, pm. Memy Selfandi December 2, pm. Breezy December 2, am. Khrysti Bugbee December 1, pm. And search was loosening just as school gets out…. For what crime was he serving time? Jerry Smith December 1, pm. How could he work while still cuffed? Breezy December 1, pm. So did they catch him or what? If not seems like they let a golden opportunity slip away. J Dubbs December 2, am. Dude probably froze his azz off last night in the brush. The only place worse than jail would be hiding out around Ferndale in December….

Any Saturday updates? Kym Kemp December 2, pm.

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Still on the loose. Late-night releases can also present a danger to communities. Bullock wandered to a nearby church where, in the early morning hours, he killed a Catholic priest and took his car, according to media reports. Bullock was convicted on charges including first-degree murder and torture, and sentenced to two life terms.

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A Humboldt County grand jury found it was one of three deaths within a one-year period in the county that involved people who were released from jail in the late night or early morning hours. The issue of late-night jail releases has also gained national attention in recent years. Philadelphia city jails have drawn scrutiny after a media investigation found prisoners were released late at night, often without their personal possessions. A jail in Maine also changed its policies last month to end the practice.

Skinner said she was unsure if she will bring the legislation back next year.

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She pointed out that counties are currently free to address the problem themselves, without a new state law, and said she hopes more local sheriffs will do so. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms.

Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Kim Howard places a photo of Mitrice Richardson in front of the L. Anita Chabria. Follow Us. Before joining The Times, she worked for the Sacramento Bee as a member of its statewide investigative team, and previously covered criminal justice and City Hall.

Humboldt County Correctional Facility Inmate Lookup, Humboldt County, CA

More From the Los Angeles Times. Injured woman and bomb threat found at Simi Valley home. Police Cmdr. Body found in national park might be that of missing Orange County man.