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Want to boost your marketing with even more effective features like coupons, polls, and events? Next, dig down into individual campaigns, and look at the unsubscribe and spam complaint rate. You may also want to look at email marketing benchmarks for your industry. While every list is different, if your open and click rates are way below average, then maybe you need to improve your email marketing practices.

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All of this adds up to one big red flag. Email scrubbing can help turn that around. A couple of the benefits of email scrubbing are simple math. And that improves your open and click rate percentages. Cleaning your email list also reduces the number of spam complaints. The problem is that mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others log spam complaints. Again, that significantly reduces the opportunity to get conversions, leads and sales from your email list. This is a huge problem for all email marketers. In fact, the number of successfully delivered emails is on the decline globally.

Email scrubbing helps by cutting down on the number of subscribers who are annoyed enough to mark your emails as spam. Fewer spam complaints equals a better sender reputation. Sometimes emails bounce, which means they never reach the intended recipient.

Too many bounces have the same effect as spam complaints: they hurt your reputation which affects email deliverability.

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If you remove bounced email addresses when you clean your email list, the number and percentage of bounces will go down the next time you send. Email marketing services often charge according to the number of emails you send or the number of subscribers you have, or both. Every unengaged subscriber who stays on your list is costing you money. Use email scrubbing to remove them and you can improve email marketing ROI.

When your email list is bloated with unengaged subscribers, it can be hard to tell how your email marketing strategy is working.

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Subscriber inactivity and spam complaints will skew your stats. That means you can safely use that data to guide your future marketing efforts. One question people ask about email scrubbing is which email lists they should scrub. Here are a couple of tips:.

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As we said, there are plenty of reasons why emails bounce. In MailChimp, for example, you can find this information by clicking on the View Report tab to the right of the name of any campaign.

Some bounces happen because of a typo in the email address. That can happen when you or subscribers edit their email information. Try re-engaging your inactive subscribers. Select Create a Segment. Set your second condition with the Add button. You can choose people who were sent:. If you live in multi-unit building and you have successfully registered on usps. Please check back at a later date.

Security and privacy are of high importance to USPS. The current Informed Delivery sign up process requires you to verify your identity. In some cases, an individual may find that he or she cannot complete online verification.

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If you are unable to verify your identity within your Informed Delivery account online, you may do so at specific USPS locations that provide Identity Verification Services. To locate the nearest Identity Verification Service locations, please follow the steps below: Sign in to your personal usps.

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Please read the information provided on the Informed Delivery page and bring all required documentation and forms of identification to the Identity Verification Service facility. If you do not follow the steps above immediately after failing the identity proofing process, you will need to wait 72 hours before you may attempt identity proofing again for security purposes.

Your ability to sign up for Informed Delivery is dependent on living at an eligible residential address and the ability to verify your identity. You will also need to create a personal usps.

To sign up, follow the instructions below. Go to informeddelivery.

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Activation time for the feature may vary, but typically you will begin to receive notifications within three business days. Notifications with mailpiece images will be sent on days when mail is being processed and delivered to the home. Notifications are not sent on days when there is no mail to be delivered, or on Sundays or federal holidays. Package notifications are sent or available online when there is an update on the status of an incoming package.

If you are not receiving notifications, you should check spam filter settings and the contents of your deleted items or junk email folder. You should also check the email address designated in your usps. Your email provider can give further details on the settings required. If you are not receiving notifications by email and would like to, check your Email Opt-In settings on the dashboard at informeddelivery. You will now be redirected to an external website where you will be subject to its privacy and security policies. Go to USPS. Skip all page navigation.

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