Approximate cost dui legal fees california

The fastest way to contact me: The final bill depends on many factors, including the number of hours worked and how bad your unique case is.

So what is DUI?

Bear in mind that the cost of your DUI is far from a one-and-done deal. The money you spend on your lawyer will probably be worth it. You should consider paying an impound fee, towing fee and storage charges if that happen. On average, first-offense DUI convicted driver would have car impounded or immobilized for 10 days. When one loses the driving privileges, then you will have to look for alternate methods of transportation.

That will contribute to the escalating overall cost of a DUI. You will require a DUI attorney to defend you one each case. Here we will assume that your case does not get to trial. You will need an experienced lawyer to help you fight the charges and reduce the costs that come with them.

What to Expect for the Cost of a DUI Offense in California

The factors that will determine the cost of your DUI lawyer will depend on your location, the type of legal work, the experience of your attorney and the billing method. The retainer payment can be upfront on partly depending on your agreements with the DUI attorney. The most expensive case if the lawyer bills for each hour of work. It also depends on with the firm and the nature of the lawyer.

All included, the cost of a first DUI can easily get well into the thousands.

The cost gets expensive when you hire an attorney and when your insurance company decides to increase your premiums. If your lawyer is able to navigate through the case, this will relieve you some of the costs that come with a DUI sentence. In normal cases, it is your choice that will determine whether the case can go to trial or accept a plea bargain with the prosecutor. In this case, the cost will be high.

Understanding the Costs Of A DUI

If you are found guilty, a first-offense DUI might serve 6 months in jail or at least three days in incarceration. In our case, the probation can go to a minimum of 6 months. The court may order you to pay as part of your criminal sentence.

All included, the cost of a first DUI can easily get well into the thousands.

This fund is used by states to help out victims of all crimes. The court would require one to pay for the costs encountered when processing the hearing in terms of paperwork, hearing appearance and lab fees, when chemical tests are involved.

Read about the administrative and criminal penalties for a first-offense DUI in California.

If you are lucky of not getting a jail time or paying fines, then the court might sentence you to alternative forms of punishment: alcohol or drug dependency or addiction assessment, treatment for alcohol abuse, alcohol teaching and prevention programs and community service 40 hours.

If you happen to be on probation you will be required to attend AA or NA meetings and take random urinalysis tests. To show the prosecutor and the court that you are taking responsibility for your actions, you are expected to undergo Drug and Alcohol Evaluation. The evaluation process is all about taking tests, being screened and answering questions to provide information for the report. Community service sentence might be replaced by an Alcohol Education Program for minors.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drivers below 21 years old are more likely to get involved in an auto accident. The most common penalty would be the suspension of the license for 1 year.

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  • These links below will navigate you to the specific type of case which pertains to your own situation, and the instructions needed to effectively dismiss this particular charge at your court date. In addition to the risk involved to others on the road, those who are arrested for driving under the influence DUI face a series of expensive monetary penalties and fines to regain the privilege of driving.

    How Much Does a DUI Attorney Cost?

    Following a first-time DUI or drunk driving arrest offense charge in California, you will first have to post bail, ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars, which will be returned to you minus the nonrefundable CA DUI fees if you appear as scheduled in court.

    A first DUI conviction in CA already has a high costs and fines, along with the potential of a license suspension. A second DUI offense in California within a 10 year period will increase the serious penalties and costs, plus a possible prison term and an extension of suspension time of your drivers license.

    The revocation of your driving license is typically indefinite from a minimum of 10 years or permanent. For even a first-time DUI offense in California, an Ignition Interlock Device and the cost for installation and maintenance of the device, is often part of the strict CA DUI penalties for a driver charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence. Regular maintenance and calibration will cost extra. Pleading guilty to a DUI charge in California should be done with an attorney for several reasons.

    This is because many of these reasons include the fact that a CA DUI lawyer understands the techniques that can be used to receive a lesser sentence, or fight to dismiss the case when possible. Having legal counsel on your side is an asset when pleading guilty to a CA drunk driving charge, as they are able to:. It should also be noted that a free California public defender is available for those the court finds eligible, who cannot afford the cost of a DUI attorney in California, and also be used if you wish to make a guilty plea to CA DUI charges.

    How much does a DUI attorney cost?

    The exact amount a California DUI lawyer will cost or charge you for a guilty plea will vary depending on a variety of factors, including how complex the CA DUI case is and whether it is a first, second, or third or more DUI offense charge in California. They will require a sufficient fee in order to cover their review of disclosure, meetings with the prosecution, preparation of materials and court appearances.

    The exact cost of retaining a DUI lawyer in California for a guilty plea will depend on the severity of your charge and the situation, which is another factor that having your arrest details online through us may help assist you in fighting to win your particular case, and minimize the cost of a DUI offense charge in California when successful in dismissing the CA drunk driving arrest charges against you.

    It is strongly recommended that you retain a CA DUI lawyer rather than attempting to defend yourself in court.