Locating persons by social security number

You will need an appointment, which you can make by email or phone call. You must have two pieces of identification — for example, US passport and your birth certificate. Documentation is required to prove the allegation of absence from the US as the reason for non-assignment of an SSN. The documentation must be comprehensive and dated from the time the person departed the US to the present to provide sufficient evidence. The documentation can include:.

If you are a US citizen born abroad , only certain documents can be accepted as proof of US citizenship. Does my American minor child need a Social Security Number? In the US, the hospital where the child is born will usually apply for a SSN when recording the birth.

A parent can apply on behalf of a child. Children less than 12 years do not have to appear in person as long as there is sufficient proof of identity see below. An acceptable proof of identity document must show your child's name, identifying information and preferably a recent photograph. Your child must be present unless the picture identification also shows your child's biographical information i. FBUs generally can accept a non-photo identity document if it has enough information to identify the child such as the child's name and age, date of birth or parents' names.

However, they prefer to see the child's US passport. For further details, including regarding adopted children, refer to: www. The processing time for these applications varies and is in part dependent on the response time from the Office of Vital Statistics which holds the original birth registration.

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American Citizens Abroad, Inc. ACA is following this issue, particularly with respect to US citizens abroad who are trying to come into conformity with new financial reporting legislation and regulation. You can determine the degree of anonymity you wish to maintain and the extent to which ACA can share your story.

How to Search for Someone by SSN

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How to Find a Social Security Number

The report also may show where the person's Social Security Number was issued and if a Social Security Number is invalid. Anyone who orders a background check should include a Social Security Number Trace in their screening package. A Social Security Number Trace provides independent validation of name and address history that can be used when running criminal record searches.

Find Someone using their Social Security Number

This makes the Social Security Number Trace a great discovery and accountability tool. The Social Security Number Trace report may also indicate whether an applicant has provided an invalid Social Security Number, or if the applicant is using someone else's SSN in order to conceal derogatory information. Toggle navigation. We use this information to find an exact match in the major credit bureau database.

Social Security Numbers

The search is quick, about an hour if ordered during regular business hours, after the compliance interview is complete. As we explained, we are able to find Social Security Numbers because we have access to the major credit bureaus. We simply match the name and address you provide.

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Remember, your subject must be over 21 years old and have an established credit history good or bad. This is a one-time fee paid at the time you place your order. There are no further costs, unless you place another order. If, for any reason, we are unsuccessful in finding the SSN, the total fee will be promptly refunded. Docusearch has been assisting attorneys, judgment collectors and business owners find Social Security Numbers for 35 years. Our tools and experience are unprecedented in the investigative and legal industry.

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