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You have to be a whole person to start with.

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You fight angry and mean. If this characterizes how you and your significant other argue, then you are most definitely NOT ready for marriage. All couples will have arguments. But not all fights have to be cruel, sarcastic, aggressive, or loud. Couples who agree on boundaries for fighting and have plans in place for how to deal with anger and disagreements will know how to de-escalate the conflict before one of you causes irreparable damage to the relationship and to your partner.

3 Terrible Reasons to Get Married (And 4 Really Good Ones)

For example, maybe you agree to a time out before discussing things again, when emotions are high to help give distance between the negative feelings you are having and the person who you love. You and your partner need to discuss and agree upon ground rules for raising problems and resolving conflict without one or both of you getting emotional or defensive. The second half of point this relates to how you deal with the aftermath of a fight. You and your partner need to talk about how to apologize and how to forgive.

You need to understand what your partner expects from an apology and how you can give one that will be received with gratitude. You have not yet resolved your own inner demons. What elements from your past still haunt you and impact on how you relate to yourself and others? Seek out these inner demons and proactively work on them; those that remain hidden will control your behavior, usually in ways that are destructive to relationships. You think that relationships should be effortless. Hollywood wants us to believe that love should be easy as long as you find Mr or Mrs.

Relationships take constant work to make them successful and to keep them successful. Most people go to great lengths to woo a potential partner, but then they completely stop being romantic or considerate after the certificate is signed or even worse, after only a few months of dating.

Being in a successful relationship is like rowing a boat into the wind. It takes constant work to keep moving forward. This means continuing to show your partner that you care. It sounds cheesy, but I plan to date my wife forever, to make sure she feels loved, wanted and appreciated. Semi-regular tune-up appointments with a counselor keep a good relationship on track. Falling out of the habit of working on your relationship is like falling off the exercise wagon.

If you are not working on your relationship, you will be moving backwards before you know it.

Will Our Love Last? Why the Key to a Happy Marriage Is to Pick the Right Person

Worse yet, someday you may end up marooned on a deserted island and wonder how you got there. The second half of this point relates to working on yourself. Your partner deserves the best you have to offer.

Marriage is not an excuse to stop growing. The main reason that couples fight and break up boils down to unmet expectations. Often, these expectations are unmet because they are also unspoken.

Listening is hard. You can also view marriage records online or on CD. An Introduction to Marriage Records What is a marriage record? What information can I find in a marriage record? You can almost always find: Bride's maiden name Groom's name Date of marriage. Not all states have these indexes, but if they do, it may allow you to find the person's wedding day without going to an office.

Go to the county records office. To do this you will need to know where the marriage took place, so that you can go to the relevant office. Marriage licenses, which show the date of marriage, are given by the county clerk and a search can be conducted at the County Recorder's office. This should include at least the names of the couple and the place of the marriage. If you know approximately when they were married, this could help narrow the search. Request the marriage records. Once you are at the right place, you will be asked to fill out the paperwork required to request information on the marriage.

You may or may not need to submit a credit card number to conduct the search online. Look for church records. The US did not require civil registration of marriages until the twentieth century. To find the church records you will need to know where the person lived, as well as the denomination of the church they attended.

Terrible Reasons to Get Married

Church records are generally kept in churches and their archives, at historical and genealogical societies, and in libraries. Method 3 of Learn the location of the marriage. In some cases, marriages will be followed by an announcement in a local newspaper or newsletter. This is certainly becoming less common than it used to be, but if you are lucky, you may find a wedding announcement this way.

This will allow you to identify any newspapers that may have published the date.


Go to the local newspaper website. If you know where the person was married, you can try looking on the website of the local newspaper in that location. Do a search for the names in the announcements section or public records section. Some larger local or state newspapers may have an online archive service, but you may have to pay to use this. Go to your public library. Some local newspapers may not have very thorough online records, so in some cases you may be required to visit the local library to see archive copies of the paper for the period you are looking at.

You may also be able to search for the records at the newspaper's headquarters. You can find archive copies of newspapers in good public libraries, and access should be free of charge in most cases. You can ask the couple directly, or consult the wedding invitation.

If all else fails, you can ask a relative that is also invited to the wedding.

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