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A vintage scarf worn by Charles Watts. The scarf measures approx 42" x 11"Provenance - These items were obtained from a former employee of Charlie's in the late 's-early 80's, and come with a copy of the supporting documents. Performance original UK quad folded film poster starring Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg directed by Nicolas Roeg, X certificate picturing the lead singer of the Rolling Stones in drag, printed in England measures 30 x 40 inch.

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Closed fold tear at left border 4 inch tear. Includes to record cases. Mostly in very good condition.

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The Rolling Stones Keith Richards pair of maroon corduroy trousers made by Terri King complete with label and worn during the Voodoo Lounge tour circa With copy of e-mail from Terri King dated 15th April to the vendor confirming the authenticity. All in very good to excellent condition.

The Rolling Stones Keith Richards worn black cotton stretch corduroy trousers worn for press video and touring purposes during the Voodoo Lounge era to ' The trousers were made by Terri King and with the lot is a copy of the letter of authenticity and a copy of the e-mail from Terri King to the vendor confirming the authenticity. Cookies help us deliver our services.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Accept Cookies Learn More. Doo wop classics like this are collectable for their quality alone, but as ever this gains in kudos by being a on London, and b in 45rpm format at a time when 78s were still king. Classic slap-bass rockabilly, with a great stuttering, hiccupping vocal.

A group of American servicemen based in Germany cut this at the height of the Doowop boom. Madonna endlessly reinvents herself and her back catalogue keeps growing in collectability. Short-lived punk band with a vague connection to comedian Roland Rivron, this lot fell out with the label and their record was never released. The fact that this was withdrawn after a negative review on Jukebox Jury, plus its appearance on the Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks compilation, has given it a certain notoriety among connoisseurs of the mids mod-psych scene.

There are seven tracks on the limited numbers of this music publisher sampler disc by Elton and four by Linda Peters. Only 30 sets of this deluxe 4AD box were sold to the public, with the remaining 70 being given to the bands featured. It comprised a CD, an LP and a cassette in a wooden box with an etching, a screen print and a video.

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Fantastic Icelandic freak-beat from a band who became a bit of a legend on the UK mids underground scene. Fewer 45rpm records than 78s were pressed in , so collectors covet this London gold label. The only single by the first white vocal group to record for Motown. One of 19 licensed to the Oriole label. David and Keith Dowland hailed from Bournemouth and were signed up by producer Joe Meek who saw potential in their Everly Brother imitiations. When she signed to Deconstruction in , Kylie recorded eight songs with The Rapino Brothers, but plans for an album were shelved.

Only three tracks were released, making the only 10 copies of this demo CD the ultimate in Kylie collectables. Only a handful of white label demo copies of the full album exist. There are only 10 copies of the two-track promo of this unreleased single in existence, and only a few more of the one-track version. This debut album was recorded for Apple, given a catalogue number and slated for release in May Some finished records no covers were pressed up, but contractual issues halted its release. It eventually came out on Elektra later that same year.

There were only two test pressings made of this track version. Initially released on the American Lamp label, this single fetches a premium among UK doo wop collectors. The Plague of London started in Smithfield Market in , in case you were wondering. Not released in the UK, due to Private Stock being bought out by Chrysalis, the small stock or promo copies without picture sleeves fetch a fortune. Another cult rockabilly artist who never made it big in America, but these two wild classic singles are perfect examples of the form.

In , four brothers and their next-door neighbor from Roxbury, Massachusetts, burst onto the scene, scoring a big US hit with this doo wop song. Formed in this band played on the London scene and even supported Cream and Bo Diddley. This was their only single before they became The Hand. Only copies of this debut single were pressed, and those with hand-made sleeves press cuttings glued to plain card cover by the late Richey Edwards remain the ultimate Manics item.

Copies of this promo single need the postcard to fetch this price. There are only copies of this withdrawn CD video in circulation, hence its value to U2 completists. There were only 80 copies of Summer Holiday and Wonderful Life limited edition double albums, which include songs and dialogue. The American rather than the UK Cadets. This price is for the version with gold lettering on the label. Three singles were issued on Lamp Stateside in although only this one was allowed out of captivity in the UK. Plans to release this single as a double A-side in were shelved. No copies come with a picture sleeve.

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Only proofs exist of this unreleased picture sleeve. A more standard band portrait was used on the eventual release.

Collectors will row for miles, or travel by Swedish steampacket, to land this mega-rare freakbeat single. Another Stones release that did not roll off the assembly line, with only these test pressings in circulation. This price is for the semi-official purple vinyl factory pressing, that still gives Bowie collectors The Hunger. The Rolling Stones are giving Sticky Fingers a deluxe reissue treatment.

These original sleeves are notoriously fragile, as they are unlaminated and many copies have a broken zip. With the Stones' trademark combination of swagger and tenderness, Sticky Fingers was their first LP to hit 1 on the U. Rolling Stone would rank Sticky Fingers Number 64 on its list of the greatest albums of all time.

Sticky Fingers also marks the point at which The Rolling Stones became a colossal money-making machine. For many people, Sticky Fingers represents the height of the Rolling Stones' power, between Andy Warhol's suggestive cover art — which you can see the band posing with above — and the album's. I knew it was me. You know they are Levi's because of the trademark stitching.

Historically, its important for being the first release on Rolling Stone Records and Mick Taylor 's first full-length appearance on a Rolling Stones album and of. The coordinates above are not anywhere close to the cache and you will get run over if you use them. If there was a hand on the guy's leg, let's say, and after a while there was "sticky fingers," what do you think might have happened?. Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones. In addition, it possesses a very versatile ability in the form of its zippers.

Warhol signature has faded and album cover has yellowed from age and shows shelf wear and a crease at the top.

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It achieved triple platinum certification in the US. It was their first studio album to be recorded without any contribution from founding member Brian. This zipper became a problem because it was causing damage to the records during shipment. As you might be able to tell from the picture, that's a working zipper on those pants. The crown jewel of this haul was the Sticky Fingers album with the zipper. Sticky Fingers Zips To 1 This Andy Warhol cover is one of the greatest pieces of album art there is. The cover is a crouch shot of a man clad in tight blue jeans, with an emphasis on the zipper.

So, I'll ask you a question that may lead you to your answer. Put the album inside the Mint-X garbage bags for 15 — 30 minutes and the mildew, musty smell is gone. Many of the songs on the album were greatly shaped by Taylor's genius guitar playing. Vintage lithograph promotional poster for the classic album, playfully and conceptually utilizing the original album design by Andy Warhol.

This was reissued with a.

The album comes packaged in true mini-LP CD form, replicating in precise detail the original vinyl, including a jeans with working zipper and belt buckle, which when unfastened, reveal well-filled underpants beneath. Get Sticky Fingers setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Sticky Fingers fans for free on setlist. A vinyl transfer taken from an original Spainish reissue of the rare alternate album "Sticky Fingers" originally released in Yet it also produced another indelible item. Same cropping.

Controversial in it's day. Something to play with. Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones. Not sure what the sticky fingers bit is about though. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about sticky fingers? Well you're in luck, because here they come. Iconic artist Andy Warhol created the suggestive crotch and zipper on the original Sticky Fingers vinyl - at a party in New York in , Andy casually mentioned to Mick Jagger that it would be amusing to have a real zipper on an album cover.

The story of Sticky Fingers, the "greatest" of all Rolling Stones album. Genres: Blues Rock, Rock. On May 20, at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, California, the band performed the entire Sticky Fingers album live in concert for the first time in their career. Remastered Album On Vinyl! This topic's over get it?